Fender Precision Bass 4 String

Fender Precision Bass 4 String Fretless

Fender Jazz Bass  4 & 5 Strings

Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitar

6 String Acoustic Guitars

Harmonica​  /  Vocals

In 1992 I took a turn from doing all original material and classic rock to Blues & Swing Jazz.  For the next  5 years I played with several groups honing those skills.  3 years prior to that I had started a custom cabinet business (Creekside Custom Woodworks Inc. 1989-2013) that became more & more demanding of my time, so..... in 1997 I hung up professional playing, keeping it as a hobby.  

For the next 15 years I lived the dream (while holding down different jobs along the way)  I co-founded the Seattle Band LAESIX (1981-1993), studied music theory, ear training & Piano at Edmonds Community College (1984-1987),  Started a sound / lighting, live & studio recording, & DJ company (D C Sound  1984-1992)  working with countless Seattle bands.  As a result of all this I worked and played all over the northwest, Recorded 1 studio album with LAESIX,  Released a 90 minute solo project,  Topping it all off with the opportunity to open up for such National Acts as; The Iron Butterfly, The Georgia Satellites, & The Outlaws.      

2013 has brought many "life changes" my way, bringing my musical life full circle.  Now I find myself once again being a professional musician, getting back to what first got me playing in the first place,  FUN!   Today weather it's doing Solo performances   or with a full ensemble, or just  having a "Jam" with friends,  I'm having the time of my life, entertaining audiences everywhere large & small,  meeting new and old friends everywhere I perform.


"UNCLE Doug" Cooper

​​​My Musical journey began in 1970.  I was in the 5th grade Orchestra learning to play the Baritone Horn.  In 1974 I got a "Second Hand Guitar" and learned how to play by ear, listening to old records and the Radio.  Around 1978 I bought my first really nice Acoustic / Electric Ovation Guitar. Playing with friends and at parties every chance I got.  In early 1979 I found myself in a band with 4 Guitarist  and a drummer.  I was elected to become "The Bass Player" , bought myself a Fender "P" Bass, and never looked back.  Best decision ever!  From that time on I considered myself aprofessional musician as I started to make a few bucks here and there.