"UNCLE Doug" Cooper

Tim Noah's  Thumbnail Theatre,       Soul Train Snohomish Benefit Show:  Bass

​Big City,  Country:   Bass, Vocals

Brew of Gypsys,  Psychedelic Rock:  

Bass, Vocals

Stewart's Place:  Acoustic Open mic Host

Rob Ross  "Prancers Ornament"  CD Project

Recent Projects:

Marlin James Band, 

Country Christmas Benefit:   Bass

North X Northwest,  Bad Company  Tribute: 

Bass, 12 String Guitar, Vocals

The Vandall's,  Classic Rock:  

Bass, Guitar, Vocals

The Shortcutz,  Classic Rock:    Bass, Vocals

Richard DeCuir's  "CHARSAL"  CD Project​

Kozmic Company,  Classic Rock:    

Bass, Vocals

Dirty Rice Band,  Blues / Rock:         Bass, Vocals